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This website which formerly utilised Freewebs in its formative years, has never reached its former glory, principally due to the limitations of my provider. However, it was deemed necessary to change to this provider, because of the greater amout of storage given. Also is gradually adding new facilities so things can only get better!



The migration from one provider to the next is also not fully compatible so I have virtually had to rebuild this site from scratch. This is far harder than I ever first envisaged


Nonetheless it still boasts a number of the feature stories that once appeared there, and also some new ones. This site is constantly under construction, and ongoing, so bear with me! Please return regularly for updates!



E Books & Books


I have decided to suspend any further newspaper index updates, as these can now be found on the Barking & Dagenham Post website from 2002 onwards in their E Editions ...................


Anyone who wants copies of my previous indexes: note that they are still available at a modest fee. These include, the Barking Shop Survey of 2004; along with the 'Newspaper Indexes', which are available to download immediately as an E-Book at a modest fee: or a more serious users can purchase a 'Print on demand' paperback. If you wish to know more please do not hesitate to contact me on the e-mail address below.


Also available here for download or paperbacks are: "A Roam Through Chadwell Heath" and a new updated version "Health & Sanitation in Barking Town in the 1800s".


If you have any items memories or photographs of the Borough for inclusion in the new pages, please send them to me, and I will do my best to include them somewhere.  I am always open to receive articles. Please remember though, that as Editor I do have to edit sometimes, even if it is just to allow these to fit within the confines of the format given. 



Web Site


The web site in its first year from 2006-07 received over 5,000 hits. Its second year has proved even more successful, as in November 2008 the count was well in excess of 20,000... far more than I ever thought possible when I came up with the idea.  Today the web site has some 29,000 hits. 



I am still trying to add more pictures to the features but again it is not easy to add pictures to the articles, as there are many formatting issues.


Although, I will continue to endeavour to do so as I think new material is one of the successes of the site, the constant updating of the pages and adding new features.  


All the items have been prepared by myself for the site, and although many are my copyright, I do not mind other's utilising details from them for personal usage only. If you are using them for other uses please contact me. Alot of the newer pictures are also my copyright.


Again the Guestbook is proving a difficulty, but I am still working on it for your comments, if you have found these pages of interest. You can for the present still e-mail me direct.


Feel free to write and share your memories here, and to send pictures of the Barking, Chadwell Heath and Dagenham regions. If you have any photographs that you wish to share on the district I am always happy and grateful to do so. Please scan them over to me at my e-mail address.



Site Highlights


I hope to eventually return most of the old favourites to the website, even with the loss of some features, like videos and sound. has recently (May 2013) introduced a method of loading video's so I shall be experimenting with that over the coming months.


The abridged version of The Rental for Barking Abbey, dated 1456, for the northern part of the town. The southern part of the town has yet to be processed principally due to demand.


The abridged version of a section of the Barking Ministers' Account for the Manor of Barking, dated 1540 is available.


Also available is a Place Name Index of The Survey of the Manor of Barking in 1609 in Word format (although does not appear here). The original of which was taken during the reign of James I.


The 2004 Barking Town Shop Survey can currently be obtained from A fully searchable version can be made for Microsoft Access.


There are further surveys of Barking's shops which I took in 1988, 1993, 1998, and 2009.  Due to the amount work involved a fee will be charged if anybody requires these, as they are not currently in print. These will be produced as a paper copy, directly from me. Please enquire for details! A new survey should be produced next year at some point.



A large part of my collection comprises of Transport information for Barking & Dagenham. This includes: stagecoach, turnpike, tram, trolleybus, omnibus, bus & train timetables, maps, tickets, magazines and other ephemera.



Other Information


Anyone with an interest in the Vickers surname from:  Sudbury (1790-1850s), Halstead (1800s-1870s), West Ham (1860s-1960s) , Rainham (1940s-1960s, 2000-2013), Barking & Dagenham (1950s-2010) may also find this site useful, as we may well be related, and they can contact me direct. 



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Please be aware that I do not carry out genealogical research!!!!




Please still e-mail me direct with any suggestions about the items on the website






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